Christine Callahan

tarnished sculpture, lobby of the baths, Budapest
Český Krumlov, behind castle wall, Czech Republic
blue flannel shirt in the woods with map
canopy of yellow glowing overgrowth
tree with moss, Alps, Berchtesgaden, Germany
St. Bartholoma Church, Konigssee, Berchtesgaden, Germany
under the ivy, overlooking Prague
yellow light on spiral staircase
straw structure and old net inside with stain glass
blue flannel in chair in hotel room with red stripe wallpaper
Český Krumlov castle wall
after Mondrian
rock church, Budapest
Saint Vitus Cathedral
birdcage cafe, Český Krumlov
Saints and shadows
eggs, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture
inside the Great Market Hall, Budapest
entrance to Central market, Budapest
Saint Vitus Cathedral under construction

This series is a love letter to the powers of the Universe. I experienced solace, peace and wonderment while photographing in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Germany. I hitched a ride with the forces that tilt the world in glorious, spinning illuminations. Patterns comforted me and light was my guide.