Christine Callahan

dividing line of Asbury Park and Ocean Grove under construction
glowing inflatable house in backyard
red pattern carpet on staircase with mirrors
70's style table and chairs inside trailer
aqua wall with Christmas decorations
Indoor golf with landscape painting
Kitchen with large window, clock and canes
Child holding remote control car in front of shed
Toy paddles on table with party favors
Lawnmower with mask
Fish store and portrait studio
old cinema marque with no posters
tennis table
exterior long dark laundry window with shadows
Screened in porch with barbecue grill

My childhood memories overlap and stain present day neighborhoods in the Mid-Hudson Valley, Long Island, Queens, and Asbury Park. I confronted these suburban ghosts by pointing my camera at their look-a-likes. I recorded the echoes vibrating from my parallel past.