Christine Callahan

Expedition Everest roller coster in Animal Kingdom, Disney World
Coke machine in Maine
Frost in the ball field, New Hampshire
Trophy and ashtray in the clubhouse
Roots, San Francisco
Astroturf, Queens
Hopscotch, Catholic schoolyard
Burning X-mas tree
ball court in mobile home park
Seaside Heights, New Jersey
hoops, San Francisco
twin green doors, California
parked car, Seaside Heights, New Jersey
orange and yellow wall of light
Aquarium, Tampa, Florida
bus stop, liquor store, Mission District
fast food, Long Beach, Long Island
dead fish, American flag, Tampa, Florida
Roller coster, Coney Island
American flag in front home, Long Beach, Long Island
Forecloed, for sale, Long Beach, Long Island
night table, seashell lamp
flowers stuck in front door, old house
Dodge car in lot with weeds, Maine

This project is a fictional document. A collection of short stories in which my beliefs and judgments are projected onto the American landscape. My ingredients are sparse pockets of celebrations found in laundromats, parking lots, second-hand shops, backyards, amusement parks and fast food joints. My goal is to weave together cultural relics, anthems and articles of faith to discuss ideas about optimism. It is a work in progress, editing and sequencing will change as the series develops.